2018 SIDO President

Giuseppe Fiorentino


Dear Friends, Fellows, Colleagues,

the 49th International SIDO Congress on 11-13 October, "ORTHODONTIC CHALLENGES: BORDERLINES, DOUBTS, ERRORS. TEAMWORK, THAT'S THE WAY!", is a scientific event full of Interdisciplinary content. Notably during the sessions of Orthodontics and Periodontics, Bruxism and Occlusion, Orthodontics and Surgery, dentists and medical colleagues of specialties such as: Periodontology, Implantology, Aesthetic Medicine, Neurology, Gnathology, Conservative and Prosthodontic Dentistry, Maxillo-facial Surgery, will compete with important Speakers in Orthodontics. A confrontation on classical key issues or highly topical themes, such as:  Office Managing for staff and patients, Communication in and out Office, 3D planning and Digital Smile Design, will take place in the session “Doctors and Staff and 3D Smile-Design”.

The 49th International is the Congress of Challenges, concerning the most controversial cases (Border Line) and among different treatment options. During the sessions on Invisible Orthodontics, Orthodontics and Periodontics sessions, Bruxism and Occlusion, there will be a real back and forth exchange among some speakers that will show different approaches to similar clinical problems. All presenters have been asked to show not only beautiful but also some educational failure cases.

The 49th International Congress of SIDO is the Youth congress. In addition to more favourable conditions of subscription, the day Pre-Congress is organized to help in clinical decisions and study those who start or have "doubts". There will be a total of 3 courses focused on specific clinical issues, addressed to by expert speakers from different Schools and Philosophies who will compete on "Vertical Dimension Management"; "Incisors Retraction Management"; "Class 2 Management". The preconvention day will also offer the course: "Biomechanics + TADs: Managing Complex Problems".

The 49th International Congress of SIDO is the Congress of the Fifty Years, therefore an Opening Ceremony with an exciting preconvention excursus on the first 50 years of our history will close the scientific part of the day. Thereupon we’ll have a toast to the "Get together" in the exhibition area. The Lecture of clinical research jobs qualified for the first three places of the 50th Anniversary Research Award will be the opening on 12th October.

The 49th SIDO International Congress is the Congress of our Progress and our growth #growingSIDO2018! 

You can't miss it!

See you in Florence 😉

Giuseppe Fiorentino

SIDO President